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Sharon DiFronzo

Voice Actor & Vocalist

"Adding Heart to Your Words"

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Services and Home Studio

Sharon specializes in bringing heart and soul to every piece she voices.... etc.

Quality home studio features quality equipment, including a Neumann TLM103 microphone, an acoustically treated vocal booth and an Audacity ID-14 digital interface. 

Custom samples for your specific needs available upon request.

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Listen to more (including song recordings) at Sharon's YouTube Channel
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Meet  Sharon

Sharon's goal in assisting every client is adding a diverse, soulful human voice to their product, project or business, as she strongly believe that nothing reaches and touches others more effectively.  These days, we all need something more. The sound of a voice, the right voice, can truly capture not only an ear, but a heart. Sharon offers a wide range vocally and emotionally, so she's on board with anything from a prayer to a cartoon.

About Me


"Working with Sharon is always a great experience. With an extensive range as a voice actor, she takes direction exceedingly well and always brings her "A" game. She is also very reliable, we can always depend on Sharon to be there when we need her!"

~ Jordan Rich - Radio Personality, Voice Over Artist, Podcast Producer & Autho - Chart Productions/IHeart Radio (WBZ)

"When I hear Sharon DiFronzo's name, I immediately hear a montage of original characters that Sharon has created that are very real - Mayveen, Maria, Meghan... all wild...and all wildly different. Sharon's many years of performing live in New England and applauded jingle singing inform much of what she does with voice over. She knows how to bring heart to lyrics and scripts. Sharon is an unforgettable talent who does memorable work."

~ Moneen Daley Harte - Voice Actor/Vocal Coach/Audio Director & Producer -


Let's Start Talkin'!

(617) 680-6529

P.O. Box 74

Medford, MA 02155

I look forward to working with you!

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